Resorts World Cruises Has Limited-Time Sneaker-Themed Cruises With Shoe Customisations & Live Graffiti

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Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream Kicks and Beats

With the March holidays over, the whiplash from being yanked back to reality is all too real. Having to swap the beaches of Bali with your suffocating office cubicle is jarring to say the least, but there is a way to ease into this transition: quick getaways on cruises.

Overseas vibes are literal aboard a cruise, plus you’ve got all you’d need to live the maritime high life, as everything from accommodation to restaurants is right at your fingertips. Moreover, if you happen to be a sneakerhead or are simply engrossed in all things street fashion, then look no further than Resorts World Cruises’ Kicks and Beats thematic cruise.

Sneaker-themed exhibits & rare kicks for sale

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