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Following Capcom’s successful remakes of its ’90s-era Resident Evil titles, a new take on its magnum opus, Resident Evil 4, was inevitable. Whether it was necessary was apparently a moot point. Now that we have the remake, how does it stack up to the influential original? Pretty darned well, with most of the changes enhancing the story and gameplay. It has one or two disappointing alterations (and some outright deletions), but it’s a fantastic way to experience Resident Evil 4, either as a repeat or for the first time.

You all know the story by now: Raccoon City survivor Leon S. Kennedy is now a government agent and is sent to a rural Spanish village to retrieve the kidnapped First Daughter, Ashley Graham. The assignment quickly spirals out of control as he must contend with a whole town of parasitized Ganados, a shady parasite-based cult and keeping tabs on a few allies who aren’t quite what they seem to be.

There are a lot of remake-specific things I won’t talk about because of spoilers — I want all of the fans of the original to experience the specific differences for themselves. I’ll try to talk about the changes in broad strokes. However, I feel safe in pointing out which things have stayed the same. There’s enough of both to keep the veterans guessing and the newcomers entertained. In short, I was convinced there was no reason to remake RE4 — and now I’m glad they did.