Remote Employee Onboarding: 5 Steps to Success

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With online jobs gaining more traction, processes such as recruitment and onboarding are also being performed remotely. At first glance, it seems to be convenient — employers don’t have to organize a working space and prepare offices. However, remote workers often feel frustrated during remote onboarding without a mentor by their side, which might greatly affect their productivity and willingness to work for a company.

How can employees be helped through the remote onboarding process? This step-by-step guide will help you ease the task for both existing and new team members.

Step-by-Step Guide on Remote Employee Onboarding

Step 1: Start with pre-boarding preparations

Pre-boarding is everything that takes place from the moment of hiring to when a new employee starts their first day on the job. At this stage, your main task is to get this person acquainted with your company and its corporate culture, as well as to make your collaboration feel comfortable right from the start.

Hence, prior to the first day of work, make sure to:

  •        Send all preliminary documents: contracts for E-signatures, corporate guidelines, employee manuals, and so on. Consider including in this list everything you believe might be helpful for diving into your company. These documents can save your HR staff and mentors many hours because it allows them to focus on more important tasks instead of explaining general things.
  •       Craft a 3-month onboarding roadmap. It should outline the major milestones for a new employee to get introduced to your organization successfully: calls with colleagues, tests, and establishing lines of communication and performance goals. And don’t forget to make intermediary revisions during these months – they will help you evaluate a new hire’s strengths and weak points.

Pro tip: Create an introductory online course that includes welcome videos, materials about your company’s mission and culture, overviews of your product...

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