Red Lions parachutist stretchered off after landing badly at NDP 2022

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SINGAPORE - A Red Lions parachutist was stretchered off after a rough landing during the National Day Parade (NDP) at the Marina Bay floating platform on Tuesday (Aug 9).

Third Warrant Officer (3WO) Jeffrey Heng was the last of 10 parachutists to land.

The incident, which took place at about 6pm, drew concern from both spectators at the floating platform and people watching the parade at home. Videos and photos of the incident were quickly shared on social media, showing army soldiers attending to 3WO Heng.

The Straits Times has contacted the NDP organising committee for more information.

This is the first full-scale NDP in three years since the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, with about 25,000 people watching the parade.

Unpredictable wind conditions can pose risks, even for seasoned freefall jumpers. 3WO Heng has clocked more than 1,100 jumps.

During the second NDP preview on July 30, several Red Lions appeared to struggle with strong winds, with at least two landing face forward on their hands.

In July last year, a parachutist took a hard fall and had to be stretchered off during an afternoon jump in Bishan. The Red Lions parachutist had a flag attached to him that got caught in the grass as he was about to land.

In 2005, another Red Lions parachutist suffered a fracture to his pelvis when he had a hard landing at the Padang during a National Day Parade rehearsal.

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