Rec Room hits 75M lifetime users and $1M in creator payouts for Q1

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The social virtual world Rec Room has amassed 75 million lifetime users since 2016, and it paid out more than $1 million for creators during the first quarter.

The company shared these milestones on its sixth birthday about the experiences across Oculus (Rift and Quest), iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. It currently has 29 million active players around the world.

And on mobile, Rec Room has seen a 640% year-over-year increase as enthusiasm for metaverse-like experiences has grown. Since 2016, Rec Room has raised $294 million in funding and it was valued at $3.5 billion during its last round in December.

Rec Room has had 75 million users to date.

“Over the past 6 years we’ve been continually surprised by the kindness, humor and creativity of our community,” said Nick Fajt, CEO of Rec Room, in a statement. “Rec Room has become an important way for millions of people t...

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