Rabbit food: Veggie-forward breaks from festive feasting

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SINGAPORE – Bam, bam, bam – there has been no break between Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. And now, we are at the start of 15 days of celebration for the Year of the Rabbit.

Are your taste buds craving less richness and more freshness? Are you filled with trepidation at all the rich meals still to come? Are you all partied out?

My answer to these questions is yes. But I am not a party pooper. I am just pooped.

The strategy I have come up with is to build in healthy-ish meals between the decadent ones. So you will see that there is oil in four of the salad dressings, and there are nuts, fruit and crunchy things – what I think of as naughty with the nice.

Radish, endive, persimmons and pomelo, all of which are in season now, form the base of these veggie-forward recipes. And this being Chinese New Year, the sushi counters at supermarkets carry trays of shredded vegetables, which makes putting salads together very convenient.

In fact, you can make all these recipes without needing special equipment or ingredients. I want to make it as easy to dig into a salad as it is to dig into a jar of pineapple tarts.

Perhaps, on Chap Goh Meh, I will step on the scale and it will not break.

Daikon salad

This simple salad is one I copied shamelessly from a tempura restaurant.

Despite the very underwhelming and underripe tomatoes in the original version, I loved the crunch and sweetness from the radish.

Daikon is in season now and particularly sweet this year. I have made the salad using Japanese, Korean and China daikon and all work well.

Use cherry tomatoes – they tend to be sweeter and have better flavour than larger ones. The wafu dressing is a dependable one from Just One Cookbook, an online treasure trove of home-sty...

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