Quentin’s: Last Eurasian Restaurant In Singapore With Devil’s Curry, Sugee Cake And More

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Quentin’s the Eurasian Restaurant has devil’s curry and sugee cake

Image credit: @quentinssg

Food in Singapore is largely influenced by its melting pot of cultures. Eurasian cuisine, for instance, takes inspiration from European and Asian flavours, specifically with references to Portuguese, Dutch, Malay, and Indian dishes. Here’s a little backstory: the Eurasian communities largely came about from Portuguese and Malayan intermarriages, after the Portuguese captured Malacca in 1511. Thereafter, Malacca was taken over by the Dutch and these communities moved over to Singapore, bringing along their cuisine and ingredients. It’s the many years of exchanging food cultures and traditions that led to the formation of what we know of today as “Eurasian cuisine”, where you’ll find hearty stews and curries that star Asian spices and herbs such as lemongrass and ginger.

For a taste of history, visit Quentin’s the Eurasian Restaurant, possibly the last-standing Eurasian restaurant in Singapore. While there are other eateries serving popular Eurasian dishes or related iterations, Quentin’s is known to be the go-to when it comes to Eurasian food.

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