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Established enterprise leaders like IBM, Microsoft and Google continue to make progress in quantum computing. As a result, quantum computers are getting bigger and achieving  advantages over traditional tech in limited circumstances. 

These vendors are also developing cloud services that allow enterprises to test the waters of quantum algorithms using development tools and simulators running on classic hardware. It’s a complicated field with lots of nuance and subtlety about the significance of qubits, noise, endurance and scalability. 

“The pace of innovation in quantum technologies continues to accelerate where it’s transitioning from scientific exploration to practical reality,” Chirag Dekate, VP analyst at Gartner, told VentureBeat,

Building the quantum ecosystem

A lot of work is required before enterprises start rolling out quantum applications. Dekate said that enterprises are already beginning to plan for the quantum era. He has seen enterprise client engagement around quantum more than double over the last three years. On top of that, Dekate said  enterprises are starting to shift from ideating about quantum to devising and implementing quantum strategies. 


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