Quan Yifong to take a social media break, said to be over a health concern

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SINGAPORE - Host Quan Yifeng will be taking a break from social media for a minor health complaint, but did not disclose further details in her Instagram post on Thursday (Aug 4).

In fact, she later edited the caption to remove all mention of her health, but still said she is taking a break.

In her original caption, the 48-year-old revealed that she had just finished filming the third season of her talk show, Hear U Out (2020 to present), and warned that she looked "swollen" and "different" in the upcoming episodes, presumably due to her illness.

She had cut her hair, currently in a short pixie style, "for the sake of convenience" while she recuperates.

She also said that the selfie she posted had been edited and beautified, as "the reality is unbearable to me".

However, the edited version of her caption said: "This photo has gone through 10 levels of editing. Currently I'm a little bloated, as the food is too good and I can't bear to waste it."

According to entertainment portal 8World, her manager reiterated that Quan was taking a break after filming Hear U Out.

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