Quan Yifeng says her talk show Hear U Out does not aim to make celebs cry

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SINGAPORE – Mediacorp talk show Hear U Out may be known for making its guests cry – from actress Fann Wong to blogger queen Xiaxue – but veteran host Quan Yifeng says that has never been the intention.

The programme (2020 to present) returned for its fourth season on Sept 7 and is available on mewatch.

When asked if the show tries to get its guests to tear up, Quan jumps to its defence.

In an e-mail interview with The Straits Times, the 49-year-old replies in Chinese: “I think that’s a limiting question that has a subjective view that we’re doing this on purpose, which isn’t true.

“There’s a long discussion before any interview, and we’re trying to help the artistes open up gradually and feel comfortable sharing their stories with us. Who has a completely smooth-sailing life? Who doesn’t have grievances or regrets? It’s all genuine when they get emotional.”

And the tears are certainly real for Quan, who says she has become more prone to crying in recent years.

“Talking with the artistes face to face really makes me feel their pain,” she adds.

“I tend to see the younger crop of stars the way I see my own daughter. I’m easily touched when I see them try hard at something, or when something bad happens to them, or when they’re really mature for their age.”

Quan’s daughter with her former husband, actor Peter Yu, is actress Eleanor Lee. The 23-year-old is pursuing a career in China.

The first two seasons of Hear U Out won Quan the Star Award for Best Programme Host in 2021 and 2022.

Instead of interviewing local personalities, the latest season focuses on foreign guests.

The line-up comprises Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, singer Eric Chou and host Bowie Tsang; Cantopop trio Grasshopper; and Hong Kong entertai...

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