Python Found Under Motorcycle Seat In M’sia, Reportedly Hid There To Escape Heat

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Man Spots Python Coiled Under His Motorcycle Seat In Malaysia

Snake sightings, while not particularly rare in our society, can still give us a fright especially when they occur in unlikely places.

Such was the case in Malaysia recently, when a man came across a python coiled under the seat of his motorcycle.

Netizens then alleged that a similar incident had occurred in a female public toilet at the toll booth of the North-South Expressway, before authorities refuted the claim.

Man comes across python sleeping under motorcycle seat

According to Sin Chew Daily, the first sighting occurred at a gas station, where a man was refuelling his motorcycle.

When he lifted up his seat, he saw the python coiled around the mouth of the fuel tank, apparently deep in slumber.

As there was no movement from the animal, he quickly refuelled the tank and pushed the vehicle towards a separate area.

The man then asked staff for plastic bags and equipment, and was able to capture the python in the bag. Tying it off tightly, he went into the nearby woods to release it.

He urged motorcyclists to check under their seat to ensure there were no pythons inside. Due to the current sweltering weather, such snakes may crawl inside motorcycles to escape the heat.

Alleged similar sighting at toll booth

Sin Chew Daily reported that there was another alleged sighting of a python at a female toilet in a toll booth at the North-South Expressway.

A now-deleted 30-second clip circulated on social media, showing the python looking around the cubicle before slithering into the toilet bowl.

It then slowly disappeared o...

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