PUTIEN’s Popular Duotou Clams Return, Enjoy These Famed Razor Clams In Claypot, Scrambled Eggs And More

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Famous PUTIEN Duotou Clam menu returns

If you haven’t tried PUTIEN’s amazingly fresh Duotou clams, or have been longing to savour them again, here’s your chance to do so. From now till the end of July, the PUTIEN Duotou Clam Festival returns for yet another edition, with a total of nine razor clam dishes featured on this year’s menu.

The clams used by the restaurant chain are harvested by hand in the Duotou Village of Putian, Fujian, where 600 years of rearing experience ensures their clams grow to be as plump and sweet as it gets. That, coupled with the excellent cooking, leads to clam dishes that are a joy to eat.

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