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Probiotic products are all the rage as well as a multibillion-dollar industry. But are they necessary, and is it possible to overdose on them? The programme Talking Point gets the answers.

Probiotics are everywhere, from yoghurt to kombucha to chicken, as Talking Point host Steven Chia discovers.

SINGAPORE: Winnie Ong remembers being “very sceptical” about the health benefits of kombucha, a fermented tea known to be rich in probiotics, when she was first introduced to it.

But after brewing her own kombucha and drinking it over a period of two weeks, she saw a marked improvement in the eczema and rashes she was dealing with at the time. “That’s how I became a believer,” she said.

Today, she runs kombucha-making workshops at local brewery Craft and Culture, which she co-founded.

Probiotics, or live bacteria and yeasts, now seem to be all the rage. They can be found on the labels on foods ranging from cereal bars to chicken products.

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