Prawnography by Bao Er: Wok Hei Hokkien Mee!

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Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee $8 (+ $2 for scallops and fishcakes)

The future of Singapore’s hawker food lies in eateries like these which are able to sell better quality food at higher prices. Somehow, when you are at a hawker center, you’d be reticent to pay more than $5 for a plate of Hokkien Mee, but if you are in a standalone eatery, $8 seems reasonable.

However, when you compare a $5 plate at the hawker center, with the $8 plate here at Prawnography, it isn’t quite the same thing. For that extra $3, you are getting a whole lot more ingredients and the flavor is elevated because they use the prawn noodle soup broth to fry the noodles!

Bao Er working the wok

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Hokkien Mee here. I didn’t think much of it at first when I saw the photos online and especially since they don’t specialize in Hokkien Mee. But that all changed after the first bite. There are several things that set their Hokkien Mee apart.

First and most significantly, it’s the wok hei that is achieved using a Cantonese style wok. Whereas the traditional way of frying Hokkien Mee is with a large Chinese wok, they use a smaller wok with a handle where they can toss the Hokkien Mee in the air where it mingles with the smoke.

Watch short reel of Bao Er frying the Hokkien Mee and preparing the Prawn Noodle Soup

Secondly, they use the same prawn broth which is also used for their prawn mee soup to braise the noodles. This results in a gravy which is very flavourful. I usually eschew the sam...

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