Prawn Mee Costs S$26 At S’pore Food Hall In New York, Proprietor Cites Manpower & Rental Outlay

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Prawn Mee At Urban Hawker Food Hall In New York Costs S$26, Rising Cost Of Ingredients One Reason

Singaporeans living in New York City would’ve been salivating at the news that Urban Hawker, a Singapore-style street food market, had its soft opening on Wednesday (21 Sep).

Unsurprisingly, the place was packed on opening day not just with Singaporeans, but many ang mohs as well.

They were no doubt hoping for food that tastes similar to what’s found in Singapore.

But some of the prices would’ve made a typical food court goer baulk — the prawn mee costs a wallet-unfriendly S$26.

The proprietor of the stall cited expensive manpower and rental, and rising cost of ingredients as the reason.

New York stall sells prawn mee, oyster omelette & others

The stall in question is Prawnaholic Collections, one of 17 stalls in the 14,000 sq ft food market that seats 200.

From their menu, besides prawn mee (named “prawn ramen”) in dry or soup version, they also sell pork belly ramen, wok-fried Hokkien prawn noodle and oyster omelette, all for S$26 (US$18) each.

There’s also their signature torched sesame pork rib ramen for S$31 (US$22).

While it might seem normal for those living in New York, it may be enough to make ordinary Singapore folks lose their appetite.

Stall started by young hawkerpreneur

According to Urban Hawker’s website, Prawnaholic Collections is started by self-proclaimed prawn noodle lover Alan Choong.

The young “hawkerpreneur” opened his own stall in 2018 at the tender age of 23.

He’s apparently had “great success” in Singapore, and has now brought his dream concept — traditional prawn noodles with a twist — to New York City.

Here’s what the pricey prawn mee looks like:

Prawn mee costs S$26 in New York due to three factors

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Mr Choong explained that the high prices were due to three factors:

  1. expensive manpower
  2. high rental
  3. rising cost of ingredients
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