#PopVultures Podcast: The Adam Levine cheating scandal explained

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The bombshell allegation came just four days after Levine’s wife, former Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, announced on Instagram that the couple is expecting their third child.

Stroh’s expose came with receipts as her TikTok video came attached with screenshots of direct messages (DMs) Levine sent her on Instagram - including one where he asks if he can name his unborn child after Sumner.

Jan Lee runs down the ins and outs of the scandal, including claims that Levine and Stroh have made regarding their relationship, and discusses the reaction to the scandal and what else makes this case interesting. 

Highlights (tap/click above):

1:08 The Adam Levine scandal explained - What happened? Who said what?

12:35 Are Sumner Stroh’s claims believable or plausible?

20:13 The culture’s reaction to Sumner Stroh and whether it is justified

29:10 The consequences of famous older men sliding into the DMs of much younger, social media-savvy women.

Produced by: Jan Lee ([email protected]), Ernest Luis & Eden Soh

Edited by: Eden Soh

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