Popular Japanese Castella Cake Brand Quolofune Now Available In Takashimaya

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Quolofune castella cake in Takashimaya Food Hall

It’s been a long, long time since most of us have had the opportunity to travel to Japan, returning home with luggages full of goodies. In that time, we’ve had Tokyo Banana, Fukusaya Castella, and such popular snack souvenirs come to us instead. The latest of these is yet another brand famous for their castella cakes: Quolofune, now available at a pop-up store in Takashimaya.

Head to Basement Two of the mall, and into the Food Hall to find Quolofune’s temporary location. They’re situated outside Cold Storage, opposite the row where Bee Cheng Hiang and Bengawan Solo are.

Quolofune, founded in 1919, is most known for their castella cakes, of which there are three that you can get at this pop-up. Each rectangular cake, which comes pre-sliced into eight, is priced at $28. Right now, Quolofune is running a buy two, get one free promotion storewide! If you buy three castella cakes, that works out to just $18.67 a cake.

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