PM Anwar Promises A M’sia For All M’sians, A Country Free Of Corruption

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Anwar Ibrahim Speaks At His First Conference As Prime Minister

Hours after being sworn in as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim addressed the media for the first time at a 9pm press conference.

Setting the tone that change is long overdue for the country, Mr Anwar has promised good governance with no corruption and, above all, a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Here are the highlights of his maiden conference.

PM Anwar Ibrahim says in his first conference that PH has a “convincing majority”

Mr Anwar revealed that the three major parties of his unity government are Pakatan Harapan, Barisan Nasional, and the Sarawak coalition of political parties.

“So we have a convincing majority,” he assured.

However, he did not rule out the possibility of other factions joining, casually extending an invitation to rival coalition Perikatan Nasional.

We want to ask PN if they are ready to join us in this unity government.

He stressed that the unity government would ensure the harmony of all citizens. And more importantly, he vowed not to compromise on corruption.

“Let us now focus on the economy and do whatever it takes to revive it so that the welfare of the rakyat and the marginalised will be protected,” he said.

DPM to be decided soon

Asked if he would accept the salary of Prime Minister, Mr Anwar said he would not, reiterating his stance

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