Is A New Local Snack Brand With Freeze-Dried Fruits For Healthy Munching 

4 days ago 35 freeze-dried durian

Fellow durian fans, you may well know the woes of craving the king of fruits once the durian season ends. Roadside durian vendors dwindle to dust and till the next year, we’ve got hardly any avenue to satiate those mao shan wang cravings. 

Since we can’t always have them fresh, you may find freeze-dried durians a nifty alternative. Local brand offers bite-sized durian “crisps” to tide you through the rest of the year. Plucked also carries 2 other flavours – banana and strawberry – making them a good snacking alternative for office pantries. You’ll never have to worry about fruits expiring in the fridge again. 

Guilt-free freeze-dried durians to snack on while working 

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