‘Pls get in touch if u see her’ — S’porean pet parent shares photos of calico cat, asks help finding their lost fur baby

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"Lost Cat: Small Calico Female," the post read. "Been worried sick and only want for her to come back safely," the pet parent added.

SINGAPORE: Every pet parent’s worst nightmare is losing their fur baby. An online citizen is going through exactly that and has reached out to the Singaporean public to help find their beloved calico cat.

A netizen took to an online forum early this week (March 13) with a call for help to find their lost calico cat. “Lost Cat: Small Calico Female,” the post read. “Hillview (Bukit Batok/Bukit Gombak/Upper Bukit Timah). Please get in touch if you see her,” the netizen plead. Attached to the post were photos of the cat.

In the comments section, the netizen who published the post shared more about the missing pet. “Our cat went missing Saturday night, 11th March,” the person said. Further descriptions were provided: “Small-sized calico female, green-yellow eyes, stumpy tail, white belly and feet.”

The netizen also shared that the cat did not have a collar on when it went missing. “This is in the Hillview area of Bukit Batok/Bukit Gombak/Upper Bukit Timah. She’s skittish and may try to hide, especially under cars and stuff, but may respond to the names of HuangGua 黄瓜 or Sweetie.”

As would any concerned pet parent, the netizen asked the public to keep an eye out. “If anyone does see her please post in this thread or message me! We’re asking around and still searching but no luck so far. Been worried sick and only want for her to come back safely.”

Some people who caught wind of this post were kind enough to share tips such as leaving its kitty litter box outside to help it find its way home. “I live in the area. If I see her in the area, I’ll pet and attempt to reunite.”

Lost Cat: Small Calico Female, Hillview (Bukit Batok/Bukit Gombak/Upper Bukit Timah) Please get in touch if you see her :'( from askSingapore

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