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PlayStation has announced which games are coming to PS Plus’s Essential tier in the final update of December: These include Lego 2K Drive, Powerwash Simulator and Sable. All three games are available to claim on PS Plus starting today. Players who play any of the three titles will also be able to claim points in this month’s holiday promotion, called Season of Play.

Cult favorite title Powerwash Simulator (the title of which is one of the more appropriately descriptive in the annals of gaming) is one of the three games. It’s a game in which players use a power washer to blast dirt off a variety of locations in a satisfying manner. As usual, PS Plus usually offers at least one co-op-focused title, and in December that appears to be Powerwash Sim, which can be played single-player or with a partner.

Lego 2K Drive is, as the name suggests, a driving game. It fills PS Plus’s slot for a multiplayer game for the month, as users can play in local or online co-op with friends or anyone. It features cross-play, meaning PS Plus users can go driving in Bricklandia with users on other consoles. The final game of the month is single-player open-world exploration game Sable, which launched on PlayStation just over a year ago.

PlayStation also announced this week that i...