Physicist Uploads Deep-Space Image Of Distant Star, Turns Out To Be Sausage Slice

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Physicist Apologises After Claiming Photo Of Chorizo Slice Is A Distant Star

The wonders of the galaxy can amaze anyone. But for most of us who may not be experts, it doesn’t hurt to take a closer look at images of the stars and planets before expressing awe.

French physicist Etienne Klein uploaded a photo of the Proxima Centauri – the closest star to the sun – on Sunday (31 Jul). Days later, he revealed it was actually a slice of chorizo or pork sausage.

His revelation sparked humorous reactions from fellow Twitter users who chimed in with their own takes on the blooper.

Physicist uploads photo of distant star

According to his Twitter profile, Mr Klein works as a research director at France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.

From time to time, he shares visuals of the otherworldly sights he sees. On 31 Jul, Mr Klein posted an image of what he claimed to be the distant star Proxima Centauri.

Allegedly photographed using the James Webb Space Telescope, he stated that it’s 4.2 light years away and is the closest star to the Sun. He commended the level of detail – and you’d probably think the same too – if it was the real thing.

Distant star turns out to be chorizo slice

Some eagle-eyed netizens quickly noticed the photo was not an actual star. Rather, it was a slice of chorizo or pork sausage that is smoked and cured.

Others jokingly photoshopped the meat surrounded by shiny heavenly objec...

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