Photo Of SIA Plane Bomb Scare Suspect Goes Viral, Passenger Says ‘4-Hour Delay Because Of This Guy’

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Passenger Shares Experience Of Bomb Scare On SIA Plane

Earlier today, a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight experienced a bomb scare, causing the activation of fighter jets.

A passenger who was on the plane at the time of the incident took to Twitter to describe her experience.

She witnessed the fighter jets guarding the plane for an hour, assuming they were for “someone important”.

As a result of the incident, she suffered a four-hour delay in her trip.

Woman on SIA flight took picture of suspect behind bomb scare

In her tweet at 10.25am on Wednesday (28 Sep), the woman detailed her experience on board the flight.

She witnessed the fighter jets circling the plane, stating they did so for a “good hour”.

Assuming they were in the air for “someone important”, she was taken aback to discover the jets were actually deployed for her flight.

In addition, the OP managed to hear the passenger make the bomb threat.

“This guy yelled at the back of airplane, saying there is a bomb,” she noted.

Four hours delay because of this guy and he got arrested.

After the fiasco was over, she shared a picture of a pillow that SIA provided to all passengers as an apology for the experience.

MS News has reached out to the woman for more information.

Flight suffers delay due to bomb scare

According to The Straits Times (ST),...

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