Pet Friendly Hotels in Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge, Tennesse welcomes 9 million tourists annually.

Home to Dollywood, the Great Smoky Mountains, and countless museums, this gorgeous and historic area has something for everyone.

Even your four-legged friends!

Are you planning a trip but need to find pet friendly hotels in Pigeon Forge?

We're here to help!

Keep reading and for tips on finding the best Pigeon Forge hotels that allow pets so your furry friend can join you on your next adventure.

Research What "Pet Friendly" Really Means

Before booking your Pigeon Forge hotel, clarify exactly what they mean by "pet friendly". While most hotels welcome dogs of a certain breed and size, they may not accept cats, rodents, birds, or other exotic animals.

Some hotels will ask to see your pet before handing over the room key. Be prepared to show vaccination records and other identifying information if asked.

A quick search on the hotel's website will tell you if they accept pets and what types. This information is usually listed under the "amenities" section.

Check Availablity

Most pet friendly hotels designate certain rooms and areas of the hotel for guests with pets. This helps separate pet owners from non-pet owners. It also makes cleaning the rooms after check-out easier and more efficient.

If these rooms are fully booked, you may not be permitted to stay at this particular establishment, regardless of their pet friendly status.

Call ahead of time and ask which rooms allow pets and if they're available during your scheduled trip. In some cases, you can pay an additional fee to upgrade a non-pet room.

Are you traveling with multiple pets? If so, ask the hotel how many pets you can have in your room.

While some hotels permit multiple animals, some have a one pet per room policy.

Find Out About Pet Fees

Even pet friendly hotels are in the business of making money. While some establishments don't charge extra for your furry friends, others can charge a nightly fee.

These fees range from a set amount to as much as double the ni...

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