Peloton’s ‘Worst-Kept Secret’ Is Out (Yes, It’s a Rowing Machine)

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Yesterday afternoon, the Twitter account for digital fitness company Peloton tweeted an emoji of a person rowing a boat. That’s it; that’s the tweet. If you wondered if that meant Peloton is sinking, you couldn’t be totally blamed—after all, Peloton’s third quarter earnings weren’t great, and its outlook for the next quarter isn’t stellar either. But a teaser video shared in a follow-up tweet revealed a Peloton-branded rowing machine. It was a quick glimpse at the product, and the company has yet to share any details on availability and price. (Trust me, we’ve asked.) The long-rumored rower was also Peloton’s “worst-kept secret on Earth,” as cofounder and chief product officer Tom Cortese described it in an interview with the Verge.

This upcoming rowing machine and the recently launched Peloton Guide are both niche hardware products, catering to people who want to do a specific kind of workout. What’s likely getting less attention right now is the fact that Peloton also just announced that it will soon allow people to track non-Peloton workouts, like walking and running, in its mobile app. This only underscores that Peloton is a subscription company that wants to keep people engaged in its apps as much as possible. Its hardware margins are razor thin, and most of its revenue comes from software. New CEO Barry McCarthy has already piloted a program to lower the up-front cost of the hard...

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