Passengers Die After Electric Car Falls From 3rd Floor Shanghai Office, Tragedy Deemed An Accident

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Electric Car By Chinese Brand Nio Falls From 3rd Floor Office

Electric vehicles are all the rage these days. In Singapore, the government has even offered tax rebates for early adopters.

While electric car manufacturer Tesla is a household name in the West, in the East, Nio leads the wave for electric vehicles.

However, on 22 Jun, an incident involving one of their vehicles resulted in the death of two people.

Terrible story of two test drivers at #China’s electrical vehicle manufacturer NIO being killed when a car somehow smashed out of a building and came crashing down from a great height.

— Stephen McDonell (@StephenMcDonell) June 23, 2022

The vehicle had allegedly fallen from a third-floor parking lot in Shanghai, killing the passengers inside.

Police investigations are ongoing to find the source of the accident. However, Nio states that the incident was not the result of a vehicle malfunction.

Chinese electric car falls from building on 22 Jun

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