Passenger Complains About Paralympic Swimmer Bringing Guide Dog Into MRT, Owner Clarifies Misconceptions

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Guide dogs undergo intensive training before being allowed into most public spaces.

By - 28 Nov 2022, 5:08 pm

Paralympic Swimmer Clarifies Misconceptions About Her Guide Dog

For the visually impaired, having a guide dog makes it much easier for them to go about their daily lives on their own.

However, it appears there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the animals, as exhibited in a recent Stomp article.

A woman wrote in to the platform to complain about a large guide dog she spotted in the MRT.

The pooch’s owner, Paralympic swimmer Sophie Soon, later took to TikTok to clarify the situation.


Whether you’ve seen this article or not, I hope this vid gave you some basic info on guide dogs! Do leave any more questions you have for me. 😊 #sgtiktok #guidedog #accessibility

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