Pasir Panjang Labrador Battery Is An Abandoned WWII Coastal Fort You Can Now Hike To

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Labrador Battery at Pasir Panjang

You might consider yourself a hardcore hiker, or a historian – you may even think of yourself as a little bit of both. Still, I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of Labrador Battery at Pasir Panjang. If you have, chances are you haven’t visited. 

Once a prolific battle site, the military fortress is now open to members of the public. Here’s what you can do there and in the area if you visit. 

Get up close with the remains of a British military fortress

First things first: what is a battery? No, it’s not the thing you charge your devices with. Here, the word takes on a military context – it refers to a cluster of cannons. 

In this case, Labrador Battery used to be a military fortress, one that housed a number of weapons and military artillery. Its high vantage point made it an ideal strategic defence site for the British.

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