Papa Ayam Review: Singapore’s First Ayam Geprek Brand With 15 Levels Of Sambal In Yishun

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Papa Ayam in Northpoint is Singapore’s first ayam geprek brand 

I’ve had my fair share of ayam penyet but not ayam geprek, which is not to be mistaken as the former. While both dishes essentially comprise smashed fried chicken, ayam geprek is said to be made with boneless chicken, with a thicker and crunchier batter coating the meat. The chicken is also crushed and mixed with freshly made sambal instead of having the spicy dip as an accompaniment. If all this sounds enticing to you, then Papa Ayam, Singapore’s first ayam geprek brand, is where you can try this dish. 

North siders might also want to keep their heads up as Papa Ayam has recently opened their third outlet at Northpoint City

Food at Papa Ayam 

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