Pancake King: Popular Bakery With Thick Min Jiang Kueh And Old-School Cakes

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Pancake King has old-school min jiang kueh and carrot cake

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There’s just something about min jiang kueh that makes it so addictive. Whether soft or crispy, sweet or savoury, this old-school pancake has easily become one of Singapore’s favourite local snacks. Pancake King is one of the many stalls in Singapore selling min jiang kueh, and they’re the only one that’s been offering a “Money Back Guarantee” policy since 1998.

As Pancake King has 16 outlets islandwide, you don’t have to travel too far to have a bite of their fluffy pancakes.

Their pancakes are made fresh on the spot without using any oil or eggs. They are also free of MSG, preservatives, and artificial flavouring.

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You can expect a variety of flavours, including the classic Peanut Pancake and Red Bean Paste Pancake, both o...

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