Over 30 Malnourished & Sick Cats Rescued From Burnt Pipit Road Flat, Funds Needed For Care

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More Than 30 Cats Rescued From Burnt Pipit Road Flat After Fire

Recently, over 30 cats were rescued from a rental home along Pipit Road.

The cats were found in less-than-ideal conditions and many of them were either malnourished or ill.

The flat in question had just been involved in a fire last Friday (10 Mar).

The cats’ rescuers are currently appealing for donations to fund their treatment and boarding.

Over 30 cats found in dire states

On Saturday (18 Mar), one of the rescuers, Jo Lin, posted an appeal for funds in the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook group.

In the post, she revealed that they had managed to rescue over 30 cats from 94 Pipit Road.

Speaking to MS News, Ms Lin shared that they had stumbled upon the news of the cats in a report by  The Straits Times (ST).

They feared the cats would “starve to death” and first visited the flat on Thursday (16 Mar) night.

After discovering that the owners weren’t home, they obtained the owners’ contact info from a neighbour and negotiated the release of the cats.

Following this, the rescuers returned the next day to rescue the cats.

Sure enough, they found the cats in dire conditions — some were underweight and others had skin issues.

According to Ms Lin, a few of the cats only weighed around 1kg despite being adults.

Unfortunately, one of the rescued cats was so ill that it “might be on the verge of dying&rd...

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