OtterTune raises $12M to automate database maintenance

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The workload for database administrators may be getting easier – at least, if OtterTune has its way. This week the company announced a new $12 million Series A funding round to continue to expand and build out its tool that automates much of the work of tuning MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. 

OtterTune likes to say that its software will adjust more than 100 different “knobs” or parameters for these popular open source databases. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to watch the performance of the database and then suggest better values for the parameters or “knobs” to speed up performance. In one set of benchmarks, the company suggests that the database may run more than four times faster than the stock settings. 

The company is a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, where Andy Pavlo, the cofounder and CEO of OtterTune, is a faculty member. After he and a student tested the approach in the lab, their write-up caught the attention of Amazon, which used it in a blog post to illustrate the power of artificial intelligence tools

“We just started getting flooded with emails from people saying, ‘We have the exact problem. We’ll give you money to fly a student out and set it up for us in our databases,’” said Pavlo. “It’s obviously happened oft...

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