Ordering just enough and choosing reusables: Simple ways to reduce plastic and food waste

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Embracing lifestyle changes like bringing your container and preparing a grocery list to reduce food wastage can go a long way to tackling Singapore’s waste challenge


May 23, 2024, 04:00 AM


May 23, 2024, 04:00 AM

Leftover rice or noodles, stale bread, blemished bananas – these seemingly small items in your home can accumulate into a significant issue when viewed on a larger scale.

In 2022, Singapore generated 813,000 tonnes of food waste, equivalent to about two bowls of rice per day, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA). Additionally, Singaporeans discarded 265 million kg of disposables, including plastic bags and food packaging. That is about 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools or 5,300 four-room Housing Board flats.

This is why every small step you take to reduce waste counts. The interactive guide below is designed to help you discover simple ways to reduce waste while saving money at the same time.

Avoid ordering excess food and bring reusables

Click on the items to find out how to reduce the waste you can generate in a hawker centre


Food waste makes up nearly half of the daily waste produced by the average household in Singapore, amounting to approximately 1.5 kg per day. Notably, over half of this household food waste is avoidable, with staples like rice, noodles and bread being the most frequently discarded items.

Other simple lifestyle changes to adopt include keeping reusable containers and cutlery in the office so that you don’t need to ask for disposable containers. When ordering food from hawkers, check the portion sizes to prevent over-ordering.

Shop smart in your grocery run

Click on the items to find out how to reduce w...

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