Orchard Road salon cuts off woman's real lashes when correcting botched eyelash procedure

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A salon customer was left shocked after an Orchard Road salon cut off her lashes while correcting a botched eyelash extension procedure.

The customer, F, told Mothership that she visited the salon for the first time on Sep. 16.

She went there to get eyelash extensions.

F has been getting eyelash extensions for years, so she is no stranger to the procedure.

She brought a reference photo to show the salon's lash technician what she wanted: A "D" curl.

The lash tech recommended that she did a 3D, that is three artificial lashes attached to each of F's real lash, with a "D" curl.

F agreed because that was what she typically got at her regular salon, which would give her the natural look that she wanted.

However, it was not what she received.

After the procedure, F noticed that the eyelashes were too thick, droopy, and felt very uncomfortable.

Instead of three artificial strands per real lash, the lash tech had allegedly attached seven.

That wasn't all.

F said her eyes became irritated and swollen when she went home after the procedure. She attributed it to poor application of the artificial lashes.

F experienced swelling in her eyes after the lash procedure.

She contacted the salon and requested a removal and refund.

"Their solution was for me to go back to 'remove some strands'," F said.

"I agreed to go back and pleaded for a full removal a few times during our conversation. While I had asked for a refund initially, I didn’t insist on it. Ultimately, I just wanted the lash extensions to be removed."

She returned to the salon the next day on Sep. 17 and was attended to by a different lash tech.

"I told her the same thing, that I wanted everything to be removed," said F.

The lash tech removed most of the extensions and alleviate...

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