Orchard Road Catfight: Two women viciously fight, pulling each other’s hair… because of a man?

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“1 Indo and 1 Philippine fighting for 1 Bangladesh guy,” reads the video’s caption

SINGAPORE: Two women were caught in a brawl outside Tang Plaza on Orchard Road on Sunday morning (June 4). The women, allegedly Filipina and Indonesian, were said to have come to blows because of a man.

Two videos of the fight have been shared on the Singapore Incidents Instagram account. The first shows one woman in a white top and black pants tussling on the floor with another woman in an all-black outfit as onlookers call out to them to try to get them to stop.

The woman dressed in black straddled the other woman, who fought back by pulling her hair.

As the women can be seen locked together, with each one gripping a handful of the other’s hair and refusing to let go, a group of people made up of several women and two men intervene and get the tussling women to separate.

The group finally succeeded, and the women took some steps away from each other.

“1 Indo and 1 Philippine fighting for 1 Bangladesh guy,” reads the video’s caption.

However, within just a few seconds, it appeared that the women wanted to get into a fight again but were fortunately stopped once more by the people who intervened. The second round of fighting nearly occurred when the woman in all black slapped the other woman’s phone, causing the woman in black and white to rush at her in a fury.

One woman is heard calling out in Tagalog, “Hey, that’s enough! You are just embarrassing yourselves!”

A security guard comes onto the scene to help maintain order at the end of the video.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that the incident occurred at 10:13 on the morning of June 4.

The report added that one of the women, aged 43, has been arrested for her part in the altercation while the other, aged 42, is assisting the police with its investigations. /TISG

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