Onigirazu Don Review: $3.50 Onigiri Sandwiches And Donburi At This Bukit Panjang Stall

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Onigirazu Don has cheap onigiri sandwiches at Senja Hawker Centre

While most of us in Singapore are no strangers to onigiri, AKA Japanese rice balls, you may not be as familiar with its sister dish, onigirazu. It’s a flatter version of onigiri that comes in a variety of fillings, and is best described as “onigiri sandwiches”.

In recent years, onigirazu has been on the rise, with numerous eateries creating their own spin on the dish. One of the latest to do this is Onigirazu Don, a Japanese stall that recently opened in the new Senja Hawker Centre at Bukit Panjang.

The stall’s prices caught our attention—its onigirazu and donburi start from just $3.50. We decided to drop by the stall to see if the food is any good.

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Food at Onigirazu Don

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