Nutrisoy Has New Limited-Edition Purple Rice Soy Milk That Tastes Like Pulut Hitam

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Nutrisoy Purple Rice Soy Milk

Nutrisoy is known for releasing new flavours from time to time, including a limited-edition Pandan soya milk in 2020, and Ondeh-Ondeh soy milk in 2021. The homegrown soy beverage brand is back at it again, this time with an all-new Purple Rice soy milk ($2.70 for one litre).

Nutrisoy Has Ondeh Ondeh Soy Milk, Available For $2.45

The locally inspired number is infused with actual purple rice, which is a common ingredient used in many Asian desserts. Our colleagues who tried it said it reminded them of pulut hitam, which is a sweet black glutinous rice soup cooked with aromatic pandan, and coconut milk. The popular local dessert also features the same variety of purple rice used in this soy milk.

Purple rice is originally black in colour when in its raw form. After cooking, the grains turn into a gorgeous dark purple hue. Taste-wise, it’s nutty and aromatic with a pleasant bite and chewy texture.

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