'Not something you'll usually see': Nostalgia and science made fun on Yakult's factory tour

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Yakult Singapore resumed its free factory tour in August 2022 after it was suspended during the pandemic.

Yakult Singapore's factory at 7 Senoko Avenue. (Photo: CNA/Grace Yeoh)

A bottle of Yakult was Ms Evelyn Chan’s “post-dinner treat and indulgence” when she and her siblings were growing up in the 1990s. 

So when the 33-year-old heard about the Yakult factory tour from friends with children, she didn’t hesitate to sign up with her four-year-old son. 

“We were curious about the production process. It’s not something you’ll usually get to see. I didn’t come on the tour as a kid, though I wish I did,” she told CNA. 

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