The remote-controlled car scene in Singapore has grown in recent years, but enthusiasts tell CNA that they are hampered by shrinking public spaces and erratic weather conditions.

A group of remote-controlled car enthusiasts gather at a makeshift race track in Woodlands every weekend. (Photo: CNA/Hanidah Amin)

SINGAPORE: Several vehicles speed around a track, kicking up dust and drawing raucous cheers from people nearby.

The race barely falters when a car collides with another. It ends up flipping several times, then ploughs into a truck and comes to a standstill.

Despite the carnage, only the pride of the vehicles’ controllers is injured. They step onto an elevated portion of the track and adjust their vehicles before the race kicks off once more.

This was the scene of a remote-controlled car off-road session along Rosewood Drive in Woodlands on a Sunday morning earlier this month.

Only three racers were there when CNA turned up at 9am, but the number steadily grew to about 15 as the hours passed and the sun’s heat grew more intense.

The makeshift remote-controlled car race track, unofficially named Woodgrove RC Plains, sits on a publicly accessible hilly field and is surrounded by private residential homes. The patch of field where the track is has been naturally stripped ...