North-South Corridor: 3 key gripes from residents and how LTA is dealing with them

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SINGAPORE - Noise, vibrations and traffic diversions. These are the three major bugbears that residents and businesses near the upcoming North-South Corridor (NSC) have about the construction work that has been going on right at their doorsteps.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that efforts are being made where possible to minimise these inconveniences.

Noise and vibrations

Currently, the NSC works are largely centred on building diaphragm walls for the 12.3km of underground road tunnels that will be part of the integrated transport corridor.

The construction of these reinforced concrete walls – which form the foundation and permanent walls for the tunnels – is the main source of noise and vibrations that the residents have complained about.

These works are critical to safety, as the diaphragm walls protect existing structures and ensure the stability of the construction site. Hence, they must be completed in a continuous manner without stopping, said LTA.

This is why, even though the plan is for other noisy work to end by 10pm, diaphragm wall construction is often carried out late into the night.

LTA said the diaphragm walls are typically built in 6m segments, and it takes about a week to complete each panel, depending on the ground conditions.

The process involves excavating a trench, filling it with a stabilising fluid, inserting a steel cage, and then pouring in concrete to form the wall panel.

For the NSC, the diaphragm walls are being built to a depth of 20m to 50m, equivalent to seven to 16 storeys underground.

If there are hard ro...

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