New Hojicha Soft Serve And McFlurry Now Available At McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks

6 days ago 65

McDonald’s new Hojicha ice cream and McFlurry

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

Within a week of McDonald’s announcing the comeback of the Samurai Burger, they’ve made yet another news drop—there’s now a new Hojicha ice cream, which is available at all McDonald’s dessert kiosks in Singapore! The tea-based flavour comes in four delectable versions: Hojicha Cone, Hojicha Twist Cone, Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae, and Hojicha McFlurry.

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

Fans of this Japanese roasted tea can enjoy the new flavour in its simplest form—the Hojicha Cone— for just $1.20. Alternatively, you can have it paired with a vanilla soft serve by getting the Hojicha Twist Cone, which i...

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