Nearly 100 Guests Get Food Poisoning After Wedding Banquet In China, Hotel Denies Involvement

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Wedding Banquet In China Leaves Almost 100 Guests With Food Poisoning

Most of the time, guests leave a wedding banquet with full tummies and happy memories.

Unfortunately for those who attended such an event in China earlier this month, they ended up with bad food poisoning instead.

Thankfully, all the patients have reportedly recovered.

Still, it did not stop the incident from going viral on Chinese social media.

Man cries bitterly while recounting incident where wedding banquet guests had food poisoning

Last Saturday (16 Sep), a man in Linfen, Shanxi province posted a video saying that his family had invited over 400 relatives and friends to a wedding banquet at a hotel on 7 Sep.

However, after lunch, numerous people started to show symptoms of fever, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

Close to 100 people suffered from food poisoning following the meal, and some even had to be hospitalised.

Those with milder symptoms self-medicated instead.

The youngest ‘victim’ was four years old and the oldest was between 70 and 80 years old.

While recounting the incident, the man, Mr Lu, was covering his face with guilt and crying bitterly.

He said because of what happened, he is currently under great pressure.

Hotel catering department claims food was clean

On 18 Sep, staff from the hotel’s catering department told reporters that they kept samples of the food and sent them for inspection as soon as possible following the incident.

“It had nothing to do with us,” a staff member insisted. “Our test results have come out. Those who were poisoned are all close friends with the host family. The...

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