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Lamina1 announced its first partners into its early access program to accelerate the development of an open metaverse ecosystem.

HTC, Dubit,, and Neon Media are among the partners who will receive early access to features and support in onboarding to Lamina1 while providing feedback and test cases to improve the blockchain’s design and functionality.

Started by Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson, Lamina1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the open metaverse. It announced its first content and infrastructure builders from across gaming, fashion, music, and film. They will play a critical role in testing tools and resources on Lamina1.

Following a launch of the Lamina1 Testnet in January, the Lamina1 Early Access Program seeks to offer a limited number of partners and developers support, documentation, and a tight feedback loop as they leverage blockchain and tooling. Its initial members are a small group of developers that will receive personalized support in testing, integrating, and onboarding their tech and experiences onto Lamina1, with the opportunity to feature on the emerging open metaverse platform at launch.


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