Navigating Modern Business Challenges in Hong Kong and Singapore with the Cornerstone 2023 Talent Health Index

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In today's ever-changing business landscape, sustained success doesn't rely solely on what a company offers. It's fundamentally rooted in the combined skills, commitment, and passion of its workforce. In a dynamic industry, employees are the bedrock that secures an organisation's stability and expansion. How can companies effectively evaluate their current position to chart a course for meaningful self-improvement?

This is where Cornerstone’s  Talent Health Index (THI) steps in. Serving as a comprehensive tool, the THI offers a holistic perspective on an organisation's talent management strategy, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Understanding the Talent Health Index

The THI evaluates organisations based on four stages of maturity: Foundational, Administrative, Sophisticated and Transformative. It uses seven crucial dimensions of talent health to assess the overall wellness of your talent programme and identify potential areas for development.

  1. Culture and Technology
  2. Skills Strategy
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