National University of Singapore receives S$6 M to advance mind health research

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS Medicine) has received a gift of S$6 million by Lin Tah Hwa to enhance the work of the Mind Science Centre, an academic centre under the School. In recognition of the generous gift, the Centre has been named the Yeo Boon Khim Mind Science Centre, in memory of Lin’s late mother. 

The Mind Science Centre was set up in 2016 to carry out translational research on mental health and resilience, as well as build preventive strategies and social interventions - with an emphasis on early detection - to tackle mental health risk factors in the local community.

The Centre uses approaches such as brain imaging, behavioural experiments, and computational modelling to research topics ranging from emotion and motivation, perception and attention, to decision-making, and social cognition. 

One of the Centre’s notable works is the Jurong Ageing Study, which is a 10-year study on ageing within a cohort of elderly participants living in the western region of Singapore. Findings from this cohort study have been incorporated into the Age Well Everyday Programme and translated into tangible activities and efforts to increase socialisation and delay cognitive deterioration among seniors. 

The Centre has also recently completed the NUS Youth Epidemiology and Resilience Study – this is Singapore’s first nationwide study on the mental health status and resilience of its youths. 

In addition to research, the Centre offers training and education in mind science, including workshops, courses, and seminars for students, researchers, healthcare professionals, and the general public. It also hosts public events and outreach activities to promote mental health awareness and understanding. 

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