My Perfect Weekend with Priscilla Tan

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Who: Priscilla Tan, 33, is a singer-songwriter and actress who has appeared in commercials for brands such as fast-food chain McDonald's, beverage label Guinness and food company Meiji. She lives in Punggol with her husband, who is in his early 40s and works in the hospitality industry, and their five-year-old son.

"As a singer, I work irregular hours, which means I sometimes have to work during weekends. As such, I like to spend my free time during weekends relaxing and taking it easy.

Fortunately for me, my son sleeps till 8 to 8.30am, so I can sleep in on Saturdays. We have a simple breakfast, then head outdoors for some fresh air. We try to visit a different park every week for cycling or playing. For instance, we recently went to Admiralty Park, which has many different playgrounds and a very high and long slide that my son loves.

After playtime, we have a snack break - usually Hello Panda, which is my favourite snack. Although I buy it for my son, I often end up eating it.

I enjoy cooking, so lunch and dinner are always a home affair. I picked up the skill seven years ago and it's become my 'me time'. I put on a playlist of new music and just get cooking. It's so satisfying when people enjoy the food I've worked hard to prepare.

A recent afternoon meal I made was mee hoon kueh (hand-torn noodles in a broth containing anchovies). I rolled the noodles myself. It was like playing with Play-Doh, so I roped my son in and we had fun.

Another successful cooking experiment was cream of mushroom soup. It was surprisingly easy to make. I just sauteed mushrooms, blended in some chicken stock and served it with some garlic bread.

Many of my friends have home-based baking businesses, so ordering their bakes is a way for me to support them. I also don't make desserts - I tried making mango sticky rice, but the amount of coconut milk used was a big turn-off. So I often just buy ice cream, like Paddle Pop popsicles or roasted sesame gelato from Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique in East Coast Road.

After lunch, I usually have a nap as I'm tired out by the morning bustle.

But the evenings get busy. I lo...

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