Mutiara Seafood Review: Jumbo Group’s First Halal Restaurant Has Indonesian Grilled Seafood And More

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Mutiara Seafood is Jumbo’s first halal-certifed restaurant

Jumbo Seafood has for a long time been my family’s go-to for crab and mee goreng—we like the mee goreng so much, we sometimes drop by to dabao a portion just to satisfy the craving. My family doesn’t lose out on Jumbo not being halal-certified, but plenty of others do, so their decision to launch halal-certified Mutiara Seafood must be a welcome one to many.

That’s not to say that Mutiara Seafood is an exact replica of the many Jumbo Seafood outlets across the island—this restaurant is the only one that offers a selection of Indonesian-style grilled, or panggang, dishes.

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Food at Mutiara Seafood

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