Music Picks: Eason Chan concert clips, We Are Singer-songwriters! performances

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Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala 2023

Several Chinese celebrities joined hands to ring in the Year of the Rabbit during the annual Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala on Jan 15. A recording of the show has been uploaded onto Hunan TV’s YouTube channel.

Among the stars who performed were actor Gao Hanyu, actress Meng Ziyi, and singers Liu Yuning, Tia Ray and Wang Yibo.

Liu, who is also the lead singer of Chinese band Modern Brothers, performed a spirited rendition of the song Go Beyond.

Ray belted out the Tibetan song Tsering Laso while accompanied by dancers in tribal costumes.

Wang performed the theme song of Hidden Blade (2023), a new espionage thriller in which he stars alongside Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chinese actress Zhou Xun.

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Fear And Dreams: Eason Chan In Concert

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan held 27 concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December 2022 and January 2023, and clips from the shows have been uploaded onto his YouTube channel.

For each show, the Cantopop star had a different encore number.

On the opening night on Dec 9, he crooned the Cantonese ballad Ranger from his 1996 self-titled debut album.

The following night, he ended the show with the stirring Live In The Moment, from his second album Always With Me (1997).

Other fan favourites included the Mandarin songs Listen Up (2014) and Us (2018).

Those who attended the final show on Jan 14 got a special treat. Chan closed the show with a moving medley comprising tunes such as Wasteful (2006), Bicycle (2001) and Passing By (2002).

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