Mother unhappy with daughter for giving her only $300/month, so shows preferential treatment towards elder daughter who gives $1200

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SINGAPORE — A woman’s daughter took to social media because she found that her mother favoured her elder sister by giving her more money each month.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the younger daughter wrote that she started out with humble beginnings where at “the age of 15, parents divorced and I had to start working part time after my O levels. I supported myself thru part time job, juggled between PT and poly school days, paid for my own daily expenses, school fees and etc”.

She added that after she got married and had her own child at age 26, she would spend lesser money on her own mother. However, she wrote that “Somehow as we age, my mum has expectations on this. For CNY, she expects gifts, money to buy CNY goodies, money to bao angbao”.

“My elder sister recently got married and my new brother-in-law shows no respect for our family at all. BUT, since his family is rich and he often gives my mother money (probably $50 or $100 each time they meet, erm 2-3 times a week), my mother grew to like him despite him being disrespectful to our family”, the woman wrote. She added that she felt that because she could not give her mother the same amount of money, she was cast aside as being unfilial. “Every month I give her $300 allowance and she is still asking for more”, the woman wrote.

“when my husband and I bought her “snacks” like the old days, she doesn’t appreciates anymore. She will find it as “cheap food”. She prefers to eat atas food where she can take photo upload on Facebook to show off to her friends. CNY we bought her goodies, she doesn’t even take a glance at it”, the added. While her husband advised her to not pay much attention to it because her mother only valued monetary compensation, the woman wrote that she was deeply affected by it.

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