Mother Of Boys With Autism Seeks Volunteers To Hike With Them, S’poreans Remind Her She’s Not Alone

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Mother Of Two Boys With Autism Seeks Hikers’ Help On Facebook

Children on the autism spectrum can be a handful at times, but like all of us, they have their own passions and interests too.

On Wednesday (22 Jun), a mother of two boys with autism took to the Singapore Hikers Facebook group seeking volunteers to hike with the brothers.

She shared that the boys are 11 and 14 years old, and as such, hiking with them could slow the group down.

But instead of being deterred by this, Singaporeans flooded the comments section to volunteer and inform the mother of communities that support families like hers.

Mother sought volunteers to hike with her boys

On 22 Jun, the mother shared that she has two boys on the autism spectrum. One of them is 11 years old and the other is 14.

In her Facebook post, she asked if any hikers would be alright with the three of them tagging along on a hike.

She explained that when her sons join a hiking group, it might slow the group’s pace down.

She also added that they will turn back and go home if the boys have have difficulties following instructions.

Netizens reassure mother she is not alone

If the mother thought the fact that her sons with special needs would deter people from volunteering, she would be pleasantly surprised.

Within hours, her post garnered over 60 comments — some gave suggestions while others directed her to suitable hiking communities.

Some individuals who volunteered to hike with them even had relevant experience working with kids with autism.

One netizen even told the mum that it was good that she reached out for help. He reminded he...

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